Design and fabrication

of heating and

air conditioning units

for Special Vehicle

OEM installations


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Customers’ implementations

Pressurization for CNH

The new CNH cab “New Holland Blue Cab 4” won the “Palme innovation” at the SITEVI show in 2015 with its pressurization system developed... read more

Design is more…

With its integrated thermoforming workshop, KALORI is able to develop parts very quickly. This armrest, for example, ensures the diffusion of air. There is also a mini... read more

KALORI rises

After a year of study, cranes of our customer are equipped with air conditioning developed in Pusignan. The cabin tests in our climate chamber show that comfort is... read more

Specific louver for JCB

JCB presents its models with the chrome KB louver and a new louver created by the KALORI Trim Line®. They respect the colors of JCB and the operation of the rotating... read more