Conception et fabrication

de systèmes de chauffage

et climatisation

pour la 1ère monte (OEM)

sur véhicules spéciaux


Voie E - Z.I. de Mariage

F - 69330 PUSIGNAN


Tel.: +33 4 72 93 10 10

Fax : +33 4 72 93 10 19


Zhongshan Kalori Air Conditioning Industry Co., Ltd

IMG_0861_OKZhongshan Kalori Air Conditioning Industry Co Ltd was created with 2 objectives: to remain competitive in the European markets; and to catch up with other occidental constructers in south East Asia.

KALORI’s know how opened the door to Asia for us.

This subsidiary belongs 100% to KALORI (WOFE).

Situated between Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Macao, it is in the heart of a harbour zone, therefore has all the benefits of an effective transportation system.

The factory is equipped with a large number of injection presses, mastering a full range of operations: from plastic injection to the assembly of HVAC & heating systems.


Whilst the procedures have been set up by the Industrial Division of Kalori France, the workflow and procurement is controlled using a shared ERP system.

Zhongshan Kalori Air Conditioning Industry Co., Ltd provides support to the Asian sites of all our European Constructor clients.