In the islets of KALORI’s production, the quality of production and smooth operations are priorities. However, there are two issues that permanently concern Pierre Vincent, Industrial Director, the health and safety of the operators.

A study with a team of ergonomists, the logistics and methods services defined a new organization of the workshop as well as new production tools. The new production stations, which are very versatile, allow height adjustment of the working surface. This height can be adapted to all sizes of operators and production operators. The screens, to visualize the assembly instructions, are adjustable and tiltable. Electric screwdrivers are, in turn, equipped with torque arm dampers.
The sets of tools requiring hand pressure were replaced by shock absorbed mounted electric or pneumatic tools. Only a few hand pliers are used at very low frequency and duration.

All these actions were put in place to limit the appearance of “MSD”, which unfortunately can still occur.

However, the fight against TMS is never won in advance and requires constant attention.

For this, we consider the risk factors, starting at the brain-storming face and during industrialization with the creation of adequate assembly placings. Despite this attention, it is not excluded that MSD hazards are identified in serial production.
This is why he asked operators to bring up any MSD hazards during the Flash meetings (daily meetings 5 minutes in each block production).

Following these apprehensions, specific actions are taken to further reduce the health risks of our operators.