Air conditioning, it’s simple, like Boomerang: the new free service from Eberspächer Kalori.
This service involves sending you back your modeled cab, with multiple alternative solutions for the integration of standard or specific components, providing you with the comfort level required.

Why Boomerang? Because once you’ve sent the Design Office in Eberspächer Kalori the model of your cab, it is back with you (almost) instantly, fitted with a HVAC system and its accessories.

Rapidity takes nothing away from the serious intent of this concept. The technical solution is fully costed. Often, multiple solutions can be offered, and the final decision is up to you.

If the solution seems to you to be too simplistic, think of the number of times you have drawn up, or financed, a HVAC system, which finally ended up very similar to existing solutions.
Of course, Eberspächer Kalori fits out some of Europe’s largest manufacturers using dedicated solutions. However, with its catalogue, rich with proven solutions covering a wide range of site machinery or agricultural vehicles, standardized systems are the most commonly used.

In addition to the rich variety of its catalogue, there is the expertise of the Eberspächer Kalori Design Office, supported by thermodynamic calculations carried out using SIMULKA®, which will direct choice.

Loaders, diggers, telescopic lifts… The drawings are similar, allowing Kalori engines to make the most of their history of installations, and, thanks to this experience, to visualize and rapidly suggest potential options.

“The majority of the time”, stated Frédéric Ferreira, Systems Consultant in our Design Office, “we can instantly identify the solution which will be chosen. After the verifications by calculation, we can rapidly point the manufacturer towards a reliable offer in terms of performance, and a highly efficient one from an economic standpoint”.

To optimize the performance from this air conditioning system, the manufacturer has one initial responsibility, that to set aside the space required.
Don’t forget that air conditioning equipment takes up a notable space. You will probably know the story where the wise old man who shows his students that to put sand, gravel and pebbles in a jar, you need to start with the pebbles.
Well, consider that the HVAC unit and the air diffusion ducts are the same large pebbles, but in a vehicle. So the HVAC system must be chosen before you start selecting other, smaller components. This will prevent you from producing average performance levels in terms of comfort, due to a lack of space, which is a cause for user dissatisfaction. They bought an air-conditioned vehicle, so expect a certain level of comfort. Especially when the weather is hot.

The HVAC systems available all meet certain restrictions in terms of the dimensions imposed for installation in a dashboard, under a bench seat or even within a low-level roofing space.
When imposed by specifications, pressurization systems (potentially responding to the requirements of EN15695 – Class 4) can be integrated into the cab.

HVAC control may be automatic, manual, via the CAN Bus using the Eberspächer Kalori KANBOX, or simply controlled mechanically using cables for a cost effective solution. Eberspächer Kalori will design air distribution components, whilst the final touch is added by the Trimline range of diffusers
The global Eberspächer Kalori solution makes procurement simple, whilst assuring a coherent plan for the industrialization of your vehicle.

To benefit from the Boomerang service: send us your modeled cab using