The objective of the STOP&KOOL auxiliary compressor is to limit the number of hours the engine spends running in order to save on fuel consumption and reduce pollution.

Indeed, the value of a heavy equipment vehicle is indexed on the number of hours the engine spends running. With the STOP&KOOL, the engine only runs when the vehicle is working. Owners of vehicles equipped with this smart system amortize their investment in very little time. In addition, they integrate an ecoresponsible attitude in line with corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies.

Heavy equipment vehicles are often subject to waiting times (loaders, for example) during which the driver is required to remain in his cab. Without the STOP&KOOL, the driver leaves the vehicle’s engine running for the air conditioning to work. With the STOP&KOOL, the air conditioning works even when the engine is switched off.

The vehicle’s battery level is monitored by a dedicated system. The operator is thus sure of being able to restart the vehicle whenever it is needed.

For the driver, the use of the air conditioning system remains the same: the air flows through the original air louvers with satisfactory power to regulate the temperature of the cab. The STOP&KOOL replaces the vehicle’s compressor by an all-electric system connected to the original air conditioning of the vehicle via a smart system.

The cost savings are real, and the approach is well accepted by the driver since temperature comfort is achieved in absolute silence and without vibration!

Installation is possible at vehicle dealerships or at any good air conditioning specialist center.


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