In order to support ours growth and improve services to ours customers and partners, we are changing our ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning).
The migration to this new system will be effective on Tuesday, October 01, 2019.

In preparation for this transfer, we would like to inform on the essential points for its successful application:

  • No goods will be received or shipped on Monday, September 30th, 2019
  • New coding of our components
    • Current coding: XXX.XX.XXX             (ex : 122.19.001)
    • New coding: 8300XXXXXXXX0         (ex : 8300122190010)

The new references will appear on price offers, order acknowledgements, delivery notes and invoices issued from 01 October 2019.
We invite you to update your system according to this new codification.
While waiting for your database to be updated, the old Kalori reference can be used and the corresponding customer reference remains unchanged.

The new coding will appear on all orders from our new ERP.
This coding must be used in the edition of Acknowledgement of Receipt, Supplier Order and in the edition of your delivery notes (BL)
We also invite you to update your system with the new codification for the processing of all our orders in progress and issued before 01 October 2019.