KALORI AC equipment can be controlled by a CAN (Controller Area Network) communication system. The KanBox can communicate with “CAN open” and J1939” type networks.

The KanBox enables vehicle constructors to manage all controls associated with heating or air conditioning operation. User controls can be integrated in the vehicle HMI, in which case the vehicle builder makes a saving instead of installing a separate control panel.

It can also be controlled by certain control modules in the KALORI catalog, like the brand new PCK3.

The KALORI KanBox can control the HVAC, system, the compressor, condenser, temperature sensors, pressurization, up to 4 actuators and certain other devices. The KanBox is surge-protected and polarity-reversal protected, operating from 9V up to 36V. It comes in an IP66 box featuring “minifit” connectors. It also respects REACH (1907/2006) and RoHS requirements (2011/65/EU).

The upgrade towards CAN control is a natural phenomenon amongst vehicle builders. The investment is largely offset by the savings made on the overall cost of controls and this new technology also enables further information management (e.g. Diagnostics, connection status etc.).