The question of comfort must be asked as far upstream as possible. Even if KALORI pays special attention to the compact size of units, an efficient AC system does occupy plenty of space. Air diffusion ducts also take up space to ensure comfort and de-misting functions.

You will probably know the story where the wise old man who shows his students that to put sand, gravel and pebbles in a jar, you need to start with the pebbles.

Well, consider that the HVAC unit and the air diffusion ducts are the same large pebbles, but in a vehicle. So the HVAC system must be chosen before you start selecting other, smaller components. This will prevent you from producing average performance levels in terms of comfort, due to a lack of space, which is a cause for user dissatisfaction. They bought an air-conditioned vehicle, so expect a certain level of comfort. Especially when the weather is hot.

If in your opinion, these volumes do not justify a specific analysis involving a specific development process such as APQP, PPAP, FMECA etc., your cab will nonetheless undergo a thermal analysis to define the power of your HVAC system.

KALORI engineers will get working on component integration as soon as the 3D image of the cab is received.

KALORI will deliver a report on the possible options for your air conditioning, using a SIMULKA® simulation, with observations on the yields produced. The compromises required for integration can therefore be analyzed in terms of performance.

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