Our constant challenge is to contribute to make our products evolve so that performance can be added to the design, reliability and comfort.

In this new edition, you will see the evolution of our technical resources to develop your specific applications, and also to provide “on the shelf” products for your OEM needs.

The standard range, has begun 22 years ago with the heating unit COMPACT. It has expanded every year to provide a modern alternative with its design and performance it is also innovative thanks to the richness of its range. The R&D structure has been strengthened this year with means of calculating and testing that leave no doubt about the performance obtained at the end of the study, and this, from the beginning of the project.

There is no doubt that the driver will be in a comfortable driving environment! Anticipating, innovating, and guaranteeing good understanding of these issues has made KALORI an effective partner for vehicle manufacturers.

The drivers of your creations deserve the best.