With this installation, our customer gives a demonstration of the use of the Kalori overall solution on a grape harvesting machine cab.
A great reference!

Comfort was tested in a climatic test chamber.

On the inside, the TRIMline range of accessories is efficient: a recirculation grille with quick-change filter, automatic control of aircon and heating by the PC K1000.
The result is very attractive, the comfort is really perfect, and the cab is certified class IV.

Component mounting is easy and academic, there’s no room for tinkering or adaptation, the accessories are standard but dedicated to the function, including the recirculation grille with quick-change filter (the grille is removed by pressing 4 clips).

The air conditioning and pressurization systems are automatically controlled by the PC K1000 electronic control panel. This panel regulates the air conditioning automatically to maintain a predetermined temperature setting chosen by the operator.

Operation of the pressurization system is controlled separately from the aircon. Accordingly, there can be an air conditioning unit which operates at full speed to provide quick cooling for the cab, and at the same time ventilation of the pressurization unit at low speed to provide the minimum values of 22 Pa and 30 cu.m/h of exterior air inflow. This exterior air is filtered by the class IV filter equipping the K Protec.

The PC K1000 control panel gives a fine overall perceived quality, thanks to the small clicks on turning the buttons, and backlighting.