The problem: provide a high-performance electric air conditioning system that can be installed in any vehicle

The solution: POWER K


The POWER K comprises an electric compressor and a condenser with integrated filter.
This external power unit can be used with any evaporator from the KALORI range up to approximately 5 kW. It can be installed vertically or horizontally, a choice that must be specified when ordering as this conditions the position of the compressor.

While it is mainly installed in electric vehicles, the POWER K can also be used on vehicles with internal combustion engines on which it is difficult to install a compressor.

It is thus possible to carry out a 12V or 24V installation on a vehicle with an internal combustion engine using any conventional evaporator of the range. It is also possible to integrate the POWER K on a 24/48/72/80/300/600V electrically-driven vehicle.
This involves the use of an HVAC from the EHVAC range, each evaporator of which incorporates an evaporator for R134a or R1234yf refrigerants as well as a PTC resistor of the required voltage.

It is also possible to ensure air conditioning using a 220V POWER K coupled with a 220VAC evaporator. In this case, the POWER K constitutes a real innovation due to its compactness, ideal for equipping a podium vehicle, a mobile library, or a tower crane.

Under the POWER K cover the components are beautifully arranged. The whole is extremely compact and accessible, proof of the maturity of the design of this type of unit at KALORI.

POWER K 220V for stopped vehicles