Air conditioning


MK1 Kombi E

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8300122190130 MK1 KOMBI E (3)8300122190130 MK1 KOMBI E (4)8300122190130 MK1 KOMBI E (2)8300122190130 MK1 KOMBI E (1)122.19.013


– Vertical evaporator/heater with directional scrolls.
– Each scroll can be positioned independently
– Motorized flap on the air intake: for outside air/recycling

Main Features
Heating Power7,8 BTU/Hr
Cooling output7 BTU/Hr
Airflow700 CFM
Electrical consumption360 W
Water Fitting16 inch ''
Ventilation speed3

MK1 Kombi E

12 V 8300122190130
24 V 8300122191130

Eberspaecher Kalori products may only be used in vehicles that are fully certified by the customer.

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